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Dessert Stations – “How To” in a current wave of DELICIOUS!

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

How many can you fit in the palm of your hand while dancing? (1, 2, 3,…ok 5!)

Whose partying late-night after the DJ & Band?  Clearly they’ll need treats!

Dessert Stations (Dessert bars, buffets, call them what you like) are here to stay.  Delicious, customizable, beautiful, colorful, fun, and PORTABLE for any party, these mini desserts make a maximum impression!

Here are some tips on what to remember when designing and ordering a Dessert Station:

Some of our mini meringue pies, etc. photo by Laura Christin Photography

Some of our mini meringue pies, etc. photo by Laura Christin Photography


How to notify guests what’s on the table:

  1. Ask your stationer to create elegant NAME TAGS with calligraphy or printing & paper to match your whole event
  2. Opt to DIY individual sweets tags – get some help, and do this at least 2 weeks ahead of the party so you don’t add stress to your pre-date plans.
  3. Write up a simple 1-page menu of “SWEETS TABLE” items

Either way, make it clear so your guests know what’s what (you don’t want those “coconut-haters” grabbing mistakenly for a coconut cake shot and then – GASP! – trashing it!)

Fruit Tarts! Photo by Anika London Photography

Fruit Tarts! Photo by Anika London Photography

How to select the perfect Dessert Choices for your Guests:

  1. Ask your cake designer/baker for their suggestions of their top sellers; or, pick a group of your FAVORITES to share with your guests.
  2. Choose a mix of varied flavor, texture, color, and look, and consider any special diets who may require gluten-free pastries or dairy-free options, among others.  *At Sweet Cheeks, we suggest a nice mix of:  CREAMY, CRUNCHY, CHOCOLATE, FRUITY, AND SPICE
  3. These days it’s almost ALWAYS a good idea to offer 1 Gluten-Free item on the buffet.
  4. Think about how they will show off on a display – does the setup look better with COOKIES? With cupcakes? With items on Sticks?
Mini bites displayed at Lomas Santa Fe CC, Photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Mini bites displayed at Lomas Santa Fe CC, Photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

How to create the most fabulous Dessert Display:

  1. Your cake designers should have some terrific suggestions and may even provide RENTALS for dessert stations.  Ask for their input, and recognize that this takes a lot of their time to have it look like those amazing Pinterest photos you’re all seeing.  *At Sweet Cheeks, we typically estimate that  a party of 100 people will require approx. 12-15 great cake stands/platters combined with candles, floral, or any personal objects you’d like to include.
  2. Sometimes a TOWER is cool (usually for taller items, like cupcakes and cake shots), and other times a rambling buffet of classic ceramics, crystal, or metal stands & platters work best (especially for low-format cookies, brownies, tarts).  VASES or unique vessels filled with sugar can play up the fun of Pop Tarts on sticks (*a signature at Sweet Cheeks)!
Homemade Mini Pop Tarts, our Sweet Cheeks Specialty! Photo by Eden Day

Homemade Mini Pop Tarts, our Sweet Cheeks Specialty! Photo by Eden Day

Should I also order a Cake with my Desserts?

Many wedding couples want the TRADITIONAL CAKE CUTTING but don’t want a big cake to serve guests.  *At Sweet Cheeks, we suggest a small cake in your favorite flavor combination and mimicking that flavor in one of your desserts (to avoid pesky friends trying to taste your personal cake…)

Small cake with desserts, fun crates & cake stands, photo by Kristen Vincent

Small cake with desserts, fun crates & cake stands, photo by Kristen Vincent

How much should I order?

  1. Plan for 2-4 mini bites per person. This allows for some variety as well as quantity on display. REMEMBER (PRO-TIP):  Your guests are there to PARTY, and they have not considered how much $ you spent on this event.  They will assume there will always be MORE in the back!
  2. Plan for at least 30% of your guests trying any one thing (i.e. for 150 people, you should provide at least 50 of each dessert selected, or you’ll run out too soon; for smaller groups, plan for more of each item to create a fuller effect).
  3. What is your guest DEMOGRAPHIC?  Lots of kids?  Lots of heavy drinkers?  Lots of elderly folks? In general… Kids LOVE sweets. Ladies love sweets! Heavy drinkers may not even notice that a cake has been cut, but when desserts are out, they will grab whatever’s easy to eat. Elderly folks expect a slice of cake or “a little something” but often are watching their sugar-intake.
Heather Elise Photography always captures the FUN in dessert for us! At the Catamaran Resort.

Heather Elise Photography always captures the FUN in dessert for us! At the Catamaran Resort.

Will Desserts cost me more or less than a Cake?

  1. This depends on what you order, how much you order, and how fabulous you want this display (or how involved you want a cake).
  2. Delivery and setup will take a lot more TIME for desserts, in general, than a cake, so this cost will appear a bit higher than delivery on most cakes.
  3. We generally suggest 4-5 different dessert selections, (at a minimum of at least 2 dozen each.)
  4. RENTALS will typically cost more for multiple items vs. one cake stand for cake.
  5. Elaborate cake designs can easily exceed dessert station costs.
  6. You may opt to DIY the display & setup.  If this idea appeals to you, please get all of your display pieces onto one table, and set them up WELL IN ADVANCE of your event date. Take a photo, and make sure whomever is doing the setup has that photo with those objects.  This saves so much time. (*At Sweet Cheeks, we take great care in blending the perfect display items with each event so that they “fit the vision” of the party. )

Enjoy your planning and future ideas with these thoughts in mind!

CALL US (619) 269-CAKE (2253) for your next party or wedding celebration!

Tuscan Themed party with lemons, pottery, and Sicilian Pistachio cake shooters!

Tuscan Themed party with lemons, pottery, and Sicilian Pistachio cake shooters! True Photography

Q + A – Insight into how a baker prepares for her own wedding!

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

We connect with most of our brides, but when we have an extra-special connection with one, well, it is pretty exciting!  This is the case for one of our special Sweet Cheeks bakers, Katrina!  Katrina recently got married to Sam, and as a wedding baker insider, we thought it would be interesting to hear from Katrina how it was planning her own wedding, specifically her wedding cake 🙂  Read on for details and for pics courtesy of E3 Photography….

San Diego Wedding

1) How long have you worked with Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.?

In early 2010, I did an internship at Sweet Cheeks Baking (SCBC) while I was attending the Art Institute of SD.  Upon graduation (months later), I got hired!  It has been almost 4 years & I can honestly say I get up every day & am excited to start my day!

2) As an insider to wedding cakes/baking, how was it planning your wedding desserts/cake?

Planning the dessert bar/cake was actually VERY difficult for us!!  Having worked around these delicious sweets for almost 4 years & always testing out new flavors, I had an overabundance of flavors that I wanted to incorporate into our cake.  I had endless options because I’ve SEEN & helped create them all.  Honestly, I truly think it would have been easier if I wasn’t an insider.  In some ways, I wish I had someone in the industry to lean on and give me advice as to what are a few exceptional flavor combos — this way I could have been done with it!  Too many flavor choices seem to confuse people more. Either way it was a BLAST taste testing!

Wedding Cake + Desserts

3) You probably see a lot of requests and notice the trends with wedding cakes, so what did you want for your own?

I’m not going to lie… I like to keep up with trends!!  To me–things wouldn’t be trendy if they weren’t worth it. I was very much into the tiny ruffled ombre cake (faded yellow to white), which I had seen more & more of coming out of the bakery.  I also had a second cake (because who wants just ONE?!).  It was a very simple 3-tier cake in white, with gray & yellow chevron on the bottom tier.  It also had a tiny cluster of succulents towards the top of the cake.

4) Did you have any part in making your cake? Or did you let the others have at it?

I had much to do with how delicious the cake turned out… but had absolutely nothing to do with how aesthetically BEAUTIFUL the cake came out!!!!!  I’m a baker, not a decorator (huge difference).  I make the cake taste decadent & sweet, while our decor teams make the vision come to LIFE.

5) Any surprises from your coworkers?

My coworkers followed my “vision” to an absolute “T” (no surprises).  While there were no surprises for my wedding…. I can’t say the same for my sister’s wedding, which took place a couple years ago.  My big sister got married on my birthday & my Sweet Cheeks co-workers knew that.  So, waiting inside my hotel room, during my sister’s wedding, was a beautiful, little birthday cake ALL FOR ME 🙂 My coworkers had been planning that ever since they found out what day my sister’s wedding landed on!  So it ended up still being both our days!!

6) How did you meet your fiancé?

Sam & I knew each other for almost 4 years before we even started dating. He was my big bro’s friend 😉  They were not best friends, but they definitely hung around the same crowd.  We always saw each other at various get togethers, halloweens, birthday parties etc.  We talked at EVERY single event, & EVERY single time we made a “date” to hang out afterwards.  This girl right here (ME), cancelled every single time.  It wasn’t until one certain birthday party for my big bro that everything changed.  I saw Sam standing across the room & I looked at my mom and told her that I needed to be with him.  He captivated me — I was mesmerized.  I was afraid to walk up to the man that I had shamelessly turned down for the past 4 years.  Yet, I did, & he was just as sweet as the first time we’d talked.  At the end of the night I was sure he was going to ask me to hang out again… I was so ready this time…but as the night went on, he didn’t!!   I finally mustered up the courage to make the move & just ask him.  His response was, “are you ACTUALLY going to hang out with me this time?”  My face turned beet red — but as it turned out… we’ve been hanging out every day since!!

real wedding san diego

7) How did you pay for the wedding?

I was so very, very fortunate to have help from my father to pay for the wedding. “Help” is an understatement. He paid for the wedding — I helped, haha. My dad & I sat down, talked budget, & then I did some serious research. I made sure to fit his budget that he so generously allowed me. I did my very best & by golly, we were pretty darn close!! I think anyone can have a beautiful wedding on a budget if you just take the time to do the research & include some DIY projects! We would not have had the perfect wedding if it wasn’t for him–we are indebted! What he gave Sam & I will never be forgotten or taken for granted. The things I took care of were the centerpieces, all wedding decor, favors, frames, guestbooks, etc.

-The Yonedas

Weddings in Temecula

For more amazing photos of Katrina + Sam’s wedding, visit E3 Photography’s Facebook page!


Vendors Involved:

Wedding Photography: Eddie Garcia – E3 Photography

Wedding Venue: Temecula Creek Inn

Wedding Coordinator, Designer & Florist: Carmin Cermak – Carmin Design

Real Wedding :: Megan + Chris

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

When two people are meant to meet, somehow, some way, it will happen; even when the odds, and geography, are against them.

That is exactly how the story goes for Chris and Megan.  Chris was born in Pennsylvania and went to high school in Europe!  Megan: she was born and raised in San Diego.  Their upbringing could not have more different, but the world has a way of bringing people together, and as such, Megan and Chris’s paths did cross.

They met at The Waterfront in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego.  Chris was out celebrating being sworn in to the California state bar.  Megan, who was out with friends, noticed Chris and the fact that he was wearing a Nordstrom shirt, and since Megan was working at Nordstrom at the time, it appeared to be a no-brainer opening to begin conversation.  But alas, the time was not meant to be, and Chris chickened out and didn’t talk to Megan.  Fortunately for Chris, his friend wasn’t as afraid and he got Megan’s number for him!

But it would be months before the two would meet again, and this time Megan and Chris bumped into each other at Maloney’s in downtown San Diego.  Chris’s courage had months to mature, and that night he spoke to Megan. Hours and a Taylor Swift song later, the rest became history.

Megan and Chris share many loves: bagels, reality TV, Jerry Seinfeld and Friends.  But most importantly, they have two rescue dogs: Lyla and Lena, who are the center of their world.  If they’re not walking them in the park or playing ball with them in the backyard, Megan and Chris enjoy spending time with friends, enjoying our favorite Little Italy restaurants, singing karaoke, and relaxing at home with some tea and ice cream.

REAL Wedding Board1

Fast-forward a couple of years and the two got married in a beautiful ceremony at the US Grant Hotel.   The couple took to downtown San Diego and celebrated their special day in the city in which they met.   It was a magical day for the lovely couple and their friends and family.  The ceremony site was candlelit in an exquisitely opulent fashion. The effect was clean and tasteful, a true reflection of the couple themselves. The reception décor was soft and romantic, with the colors of whites, grays, and then hints of royal blue.

Wedding coordinator, Carmin Cermak, of Carmin Design, did an excellent job capturing the taste of the couple, and all the vendors involved in this wedding did an incredible job making the event complete.  Megan and Chris are amazing people and together they are even more special.

The future: Megan and Chris plan to stay in ‘America’s Finest City’ and start a family.

REAL Wedding Board2

Vendors Involved:

Venue/catering: The US Grant Hotel

Coordinator: Carmin Design

Entertainment: Tim Altbaum Productions

Flowers: Posies

Photography: TRUE Photography

Cake: Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

Décor-Linens: APR Linens

Décor-Rentals: Posies

Invitations/Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas

Dress: Legends by Romona Keveza (Panache Bridal – Costa Mesa)

Jewelry: J. Crew

Groom Suit + Tie: J. Crew

Hair/Make-up: Theresa Amundson of Bijou Beautiful

Officiant: (Megan’s Uncle) George Fogelman

Honeymoon Location: Bora Bora