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“I now pronounce you…; you can now eat some Bacon!” – Bacon Fest at the Del Mar Fair

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

As we mentioned last week, the Big Bite Bacon Fest took place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, and what also took place at this flavorful event: a wedding!

Yes, we said wedding.  The creators of the Bacon Fest (Farmer John sponsored the event at the Fairgrounds) offered a fully-paid wedding & honeymoon for a lucky couple, and the lucky couple turned out to be Adrienne & Eddie – who could not have deserved it more.  This amazing couple have 4 adopted children: 1 baby plus 3 children (all siblings)under 12 who were adopted as a group from a foster home in order to keep the 3 together!  Wow, right!?

Star 94.1 FM – San Diego hosted the wedding, with Jesse Lozano – known for his “Single Dad Diaries” feature on air – officiating the wedding!  How cool!

You may be wondering: what was the theme of the wedding?  Well, the theme clearly captured a country-western-Americana design (red, white, blue color scheme; red polka dot fondant table cloth; denim).  It also, as might be expected, had a solid focus not only on bacon flavor but also hand made glistening fondant bacon!

We at Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. were so thrilled to be a part of this special event and even more so thrilled because the winning couple truly deserved it so much!  It was Elaine’s favorite project in a while…that’s how big it was!

Now to the CAKE —  the flavor Donna created was a magical combination of vanilla bean cake soaked with STONE Brewing Co. Smoked Porter-Honey syrup.  It was filled/frosted in Honey-Bacon Butter Cream and freshly-baked Farmer John bacon pieces! (Note the little back denim pocket with SCBC logo & bacon stuffed into it… ;p)

Our creation was set up on stage for all event guests to see, and the happy couple shared slices with family & friends. Even better, the couple was able to take a small tier home to enjoy with their special family in the weeks to come!

We wish this couple nothing but the best, and we were so honored to be a part of this amazingly fun day at the Del Mar Fair.  We can only imagine what’s in store for next year!

Bacon lovers unite at the Del Mar Fair (I mean, they literally do unite!)

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Bacon and beer; the two best “B”s come together for this epic event: the Big Bite Bacon Fest.  Taking place this Sunday, June 16th, at the Del Mar Fair,  Farmer John’s Bacon Fest features a collection of all the best bacon foods, in addition to 50 craft beers, all available for tastings, samplings and enjoyment.

Yet this event is not just good food and drink; the Bacon Fest also happens to feature a “Bacon Lovers Wedding Ceremony.”  No, we are not kidding.  A real couple has been chosen to get married at the event!  And, the way that Sweet Cheeks Baking is involved: we are providing the bacon lovers’ pork-loving wedding cake!

Stay tuned for the pictures of this extra special wedding cake!  And, if your a Star 94.1FM listener, tune in on Wednesday, June 12th at 8:30am for a segment, which includes us, about the oddly unique weekend coming up!

 Big Bite Bacon Fest