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Dessert Stations – “How To” in a current wave of DELICIOUS!

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

How many can you fit in the palm of your hand while dancing? (1, 2, 3,…ok 5!)

Whose partying late-night after the DJ & Band?  Clearly they’ll need treats!

Dessert Stations (Dessert bars, buffets, call them what you like) are here to stay.  Delicious, customizable, beautiful, colorful, fun, and PORTABLE for any party, these mini desserts make a maximum impression!

Here are some tips on what to remember when designing and ordering a Dessert Station:

Some of our mini meringue pies, etc. photo by Laura Christin Photography

Some of our mini meringue pies, etc. photo by Laura Christin Photography


How to notify guests what’s on the table:

  1. Ask your stationer to create elegant NAME TAGS with calligraphy or printing & paper to match your whole event
  2. Opt to DIY individual sweets tags – get some help, and do this at least 2 weeks ahead of the party so you don’t add stress to your pre-date plans.
  3. Write up a simple 1-page menu of “SWEETS TABLE” items

Either way, make it clear so your guests know what’s what (you don’t want those “coconut-haters” grabbing mistakenly for a coconut cake shot and then – GASP! – trashing it!)

Fruit Tarts! Photo by Anika London Photography

Fruit Tarts! Photo by Anika London Photography

How to select the perfect Dessert Choices for your Guests:

  1. Ask your cake designer/baker for their suggestions of their top sellers; or, pick a group of your FAVORITES to share with your guests.
  2. Choose a mix of varied flavor, texture, color, and look, and consider any special diets who may require gluten-free pastries or dairy-free options, among others.  *At Sweet Cheeks, we suggest a nice mix of:  CREAMY, CRUNCHY, CHOCOLATE, FRUITY, AND SPICE
  3. These days it’s almost ALWAYS a good idea to offer 1 Gluten-Free item on the buffet.
  4. Think about how they will show off on a display – does the setup look better with COOKIES? With cupcakes? With items on Sticks?
Mini bites displayed at Lomas Santa Fe CC, Photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Mini bites displayed at Lomas Santa Fe CC, Photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

How to create the most fabulous Dessert Display:

  1. Your cake designers should have some terrific suggestions and may even provide RENTALS for dessert stations.  Ask for their input, and recognize that this takes a lot of their time to have it look like those amazing Pinterest photos you’re all seeing.  *At Sweet Cheeks, we typically estimate that  a party of 100 people will require approx. 12-15 great cake stands/platters combined with candles, floral, or any personal objects you’d like to include.
  2. Sometimes a TOWER is cool (usually for taller items, like cupcakes and cake shots), and other times a rambling buffet of classic ceramics, crystal, or metal stands & platters work best (especially for low-format cookies, brownies, tarts).  VASES or unique vessels filled with sugar can play up the fun of Pop Tarts on sticks (*a signature at Sweet Cheeks)!
Homemade Mini Pop Tarts, our Sweet Cheeks Specialty! Photo by Eden Day

Homemade Mini Pop Tarts, our Sweet Cheeks Specialty! Photo by Eden Day

Should I also order a Cake with my Desserts?

Many wedding couples want the TRADITIONAL CAKE CUTTING but don’t want a big cake to serve guests.  *At Sweet Cheeks, we suggest a small cake in your favorite flavor combination and mimicking that flavor in one of your desserts (to avoid pesky friends trying to taste your personal cake…)

Small cake with desserts, fun crates & cake stands, photo by Kristen Vincent

Small cake with desserts, fun crates & cake stands, photo by Kristen Vincent

How much should I order?

  1. Plan for 2-4 mini bites per person. This allows for some variety as well as quantity on display. REMEMBER (PRO-TIP):  Your guests are there to PARTY, and they have not considered how much $ you spent on this event.  They will assume there will always be MORE in the back!
  2. Plan for at least 30% of your guests trying any one thing (i.e. for 150 people, you should provide at least 50 of each dessert selected, or you’ll run out too soon; for smaller groups, plan for more of each item to create a fuller effect).
  3. What is your guest DEMOGRAPHIC?  Lots of kids?  Lots of heavy drinkers?  Lots of elderly folks? In general… Kids LOVE sweets. Ladies love sweets! Heavy drinkers may not even notice that a cake has been cut, but when desserts are out, they will grab whatever’s easy to eat. Elderly folks expect a slice of cake or “a little something” but often are watching their sugar-intake.
Heather Elise Photography always captures the FUN in dessert for us! At the Catamaran Resort.

Heather Elise Photography always captures the FUN in dessert for us! At the Catamaran Resort.

Will Desserts cost me more or less than a Cake?

  1. This depends on what you order, how much you order, and how fabulous you want this display (or how involved you want a cake).
  2. Delivery and setup will take a lot more TIME for desserts, in general, than a cake, so this cost will appear a bit higher than delivery on most cakes.
  3. We generally suggest 4-5 different dessert selections, (at a minimum of at least 2 dozen each.)
  4. RENTALS will typically cost more for multiple items vs. one cake stand for cake.
  5. Elaborate cake designs can easily exceed dessert station costs.
  6. You may opt to DIY the display & setup.  If this idea appeals to you, please get all of your display pieces onto one table, and set them up WELL IN ADVANCE of your event date. Take a photo, and make sure whomever is doing the setup has that photo with those objects.  This saves so much time. (*At Sweet Cheeks, we take great care in blending the perfect display items with each event so that they “fit the vision” of the party. )

Enjoy your planning and future ideas with these thoughts in mind!

CALL US (619) 269-CAKE (2253) for your next party or wedding celebration!

Tuscan Themed party with lemons, pottery, and Sicilian Pistachio cake shooters!

Tuscan Themed party with lemons, pottery, and Sicilian Pistachio cake shooters! True Photography

The WOW of Modern Luxury Metallic Cakes

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Always creating, always wanting to stay current in style…so many precious metals to add a touch of WOW!

Gorgeous brushed gold leaf on pale blush & white wedding cake

Gorgeous brushed gold leaf on pale blush & white wedding cake

Our amazing Lead Decorator Kaitlynn Regan created this masterpiece with hand-cut & gold dusted wafer feathers as well.  Coordinating this stunning setting was Ashley Mayo, owner of Adore Wedding Designs

See the beautiful feature blog post on this Wedding Insider.

Mixed metals of gold & copper bring a bit of Modern Luxury to a wedding – see this beauty that we created with CLEAN LINES for a simple elegant wedding cake. You can read the feature in Modern Luxury Brides Magazine:

Copper, gold, & silver play well together!

Copper, gold, & silver play well together!

Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. Featured in Modern Luxury Bride Magazine

Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. Featured in Modern Luxury Bride Magazine

We captured our photographer shooting the cake - hey, be nice!

We captured photographer, John Dole, shooting the cake – hey now, be nice!



“I now pronounce you…; you can now eat some Bacon!” – Bacon Fest at the Del Mar Fair

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

As we mentioned last week, the Big Bite Bacon Fest took place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, and what also took place at this flavorful event: a wedding!

Yes, we said wedding.  The creators of the Bacon Fest (Farmer John sponsored the event at the Fairgrounds) offered a fully-paid wedding & honeymoon for a lucky couple, and the lucky couple turned out to be Adrienne & Eddie – who could not have deserved it more.  This amazing couple have 4 adopted children: 1 baby plus 3 children (all siblings)under 12 who were adopted as a group from a foster home in order to keep the 3 together!  Wow, right!?

Star 94.1 FM – San Diego hosted the wedding, with Jesse Lozano – known for his “Single Dad Diaries” feature on air – officiating the wedding!  How cool!

You may be wondering: what was the theme of the wedding?  Well, the theme clearly captured a country-western-Americana design (red, white, blue color scheme; red polka dot fondant table cloth; denim).  It also, as might be expected, had a solid focus not only on bacon flavor but also hand made glistening fondant bacon!

We at Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. were so thrilled to be a part of this special event and even more so thrilled because the winning couple truly deserved it so much!  It was Elaine’s favorite project in a while…that’s how big it was!

Now to the CAKE —  the flavor Donna created was a magical combination of vanilla bean cake soaked with STONE Brewing Co. Smoked Porter-Honey syrup.  It was filled/frosted in Honey-Bacon Butter Cream and freshly-baked Farmer John bacon pieces! (Note the little back denim pocket with SCBC logo & bacon stuffed into it… ;p)

Our creation was set up on stage for all event guests to see, and the happy couple shared slices with family & friends. Even better, the couple was able to take a small tier home to enjoy with their special family in the weeks to come!

We wish this couple nothing but the best, and we were so honored to be a part of this amazingly fun day at the Del Mar Fair.  We can only imagine what’s in store for next year!

Bacon lovers unite at the Del Mar Fair (I mean, they literally do unite!)

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Bacon and beer; the two best “B”s come together for this epic event: the Big Bite Bacon Fest.  Taking place this Sunday, June 16th, at the Del Mar Fair,  Farmer John’s Bacon Fest features a collection of all the best bacon foods, in addition to 50 craft beers, all available for tastings, samplings and enjoyment.

Yet this event is not just good food and drink; the Bacon Fest also happens to feature a “Bacon Lovers Wedding Ceremony.”  No, we are not kidding.  A real couple has been chosen to get married at the event!  And, the way that Sweet Cheeks Baking is involved: we are providing the bacon lovers’ pork-loving wedding cake!

Stay tuned for the pictures of this extra special wedding cake!  And, if your a Star 94.1FM listener, tune in on Wednesday, June 12th at 8:30am for a segment, which includes us, about the oddly unique weekend coming up!

 Big Bite Bacon Fest

We’re in the Press!

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

We love helping our clients plan for their wedding, so when they’re wedding is especially unique and incorporates their culture, we get even more excited to cater to their wishes.  This was exactly the case for a recent Indian wedding of ours.  For this special couple, we made a cake with a traditional Mendhi (Indian) design in red icing on fondant.  The flavor: a delicious citrus cake with passion fruit curd and lemon butter cream!

Besides being delicious, the cake fit perfectly with the couple’s Indian-themed wedding day.  The day also gave us the opportunity for a fun photo shoot, complete with elephants and elegance!  To see more of these images, check out the following magazines, which will feature the wedding in upcoming issues:

:: Modele Weddings Magazine
:: South Asian Bride
:: Maharani Weddings

 Indian Wedding   Indian Wedding Cake


Other great San Diego Wedding Vendors:  

Design – Wedding Elegance by Nahid 

Photos – Braja Mandala & Gene Higa

Rentals – Classic Party Rentals

Chairs/Linens – Concepts Event Design

Indian outfits – Fontier Heritage

Venue – The Grand Del Mar 

Elephant – Have Trunk Will Travel

Henna – Henna San Diego 

Flowers – Isari Flower Studio

Makeup – Jellis Faces

Bridal Gown – M Bride

Stationary – J Grace

Cake – Sweet Cheeks Baking

Tux – A Better Deal Tuxedo

Hotel Del Coronado Weddings

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Sweet Cheeks is so blessed to have been chosen to produce fabulous wedding cakes for Hotel Del Coronado weddings. What a stunning venue with outstanding service, amazing vendors, and happy couples!

Recently our cakes were featured in multiple photo shoots at “The Del,” while they were showcasing some of their cool reception rooms. We wanted to highlight some of our team’s creative designs through the gorgeous photos taken by Pam Scott Photography.

*The beach wedding set up with Pacific ocean blues & natural driftwood (decor by Dawn Stone of Embellishmint Floral & Event Design),  made Kristin’s white on white 3-D flower mini cake shine like a gorgeous addition to the sea scape. This cake design was chosen by Dawn Stone especially for this setting she created with the sea fans, shells, and wood pieces…very cool.

Embellishmint Floral & Event Design

Pam Scott Photography


*Bejeweled as its namesake Crown Room, our handmade sugar jewels sparkled around the shoulders of the 3rd tier with help from pink & blue uplighting. I had this vision of the jewels “hugging the shoulders” of this single tier to enhance the design and focus it all in one spot. Sogoal & Jessica made of those sugar gems in the kitchen during a crazy week of client appointments, and they just mastered them for my design. The Crown Room is the true GEM of the Del’s venue sights, although not the only beautiful location by far.

Crown Room Jewels

Sweet Cheeks handmade sugar jewels


*Given a second layout in the Crown Room to work with Natasha from Classic Creations and her lush array of all white hyacinth, we captured an all white approach to nature with the butterfly wedding cake design. Sogoal had also hand painted monarch butterflies for this cake design, but the setting in the room begged for an all-white look for these photos…more with the fully detailed monarchs can be seen under Wedding Cakes on our website gallery.

Sweet Cheeks Handmade Sugar Butterflies


*Rippling water lights in the Empress Room enhanced both the oceanic beauty and movement of underwater sea kelp, hand painted in gold & copper over royal icing piped on aqua fondant. This is my own favorite design, having a love for all things NATURE in design. It is a toss up between feathers and kelp, hand painted in copper and gold on pale aqua fondant. The moving lights that streamed through the room during the shoot gave it a fascinating feeling of underwater movement, truly one of the COOLEST designs in lighting I’ve seen for a wedding reception.  Stunning flowers like these phaleanopsis orchids in the room were provided by LaVonne of Adorations Botanical Artistry.

Hand-painted feather kelp


*Finally, an all-white, delicate setting of lace overlays and dusty rose pink in the Carousel Room provided the perfect stage for a resplendent, contemporary shaped white wedding cake.  Jessica’s pink, hand made flower on an extra tall middle tier and the striped effect on the top gave this cake a very modern yet classic feel. She added softness to the contemporary design with the mini white florets on the bottom tier, which coupled beautifully with the lace overlays. (decor by Dawn Stone of Embellishmint Floral & Event Design)

Custom crafted gumpaste flower

Carousel Room at Hotel Del

Brian Worley of Your Bash in Los Angeles designed the basis of the photo shoots, such a beautiful eye for the elegant.  Appropriately fabulous linens were provided by both Wildflower Linens and La Tavola Linens.  All in all, a REALLY EXTRAORIDNARY SETTING with beautiful “models” and a gifted photographer. Thank you, Hotel Del Catering Team and Pam Scott Photography for supplying these great pics for us to share!



The Modern Day Groom’s Cake

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

The Groom’s cake is a tradition that dates as far back as the 17th century. Legend has it that a small piece of the cake was sent home with all unmarried females. It promised that if she slept with the cake under her pillow, she would dream of the man she was to marry. And although there are remnants of this old tradition that still exist, over the past few years the Groom’s Cake has been rediscovered and reinvented. No longer bound to a certain style or flavor, it is yet another opportunity to express your creativity.

The modern day Groom’s cake is often given to the groom as a surprise gift from his bride. Most requests these days are for SCULPTED CAKE DESIGNS, which offer endless options. They can vary in colors, fillings, frostings, flavors and style. The Groom’s Cake flavors should reflect those that the groom enjoys most and it’s style should represent his interests or hobbies. As always, we encourage you to be creative and to choose something that closely reflects his likes and interests. After all, you know your man BEST!

This idea of ingenuity and originality has inspired some of the most creative sessions in the Sweet Cheeks kitchen. From football helmets, to Patrón bottles and even a can of Spam, our photo gallery contains one of the most eclectic collections of Groom’s Cakes around.

We encourage clients to show off the groom’s style by presenting the Groom’s Cake on REHEARSAL DINNER night, when the focus can be on him, since Wedding Day is so often the full planning & taste of the bride.

Here are a few of our favorites!

(Please our Website Gallery for more ideas.)


First Photo Board:

Couple: Kelly Rindell and Chris Hall

Venue: The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Coordinators: Susanne Duffy and Keli Christenson from Monarch Weddings/Crown Weddings

Photography: Joshua Aull Photography

Second Photo Board:

Photography: Laura Christin Photography

Third Photo Board:

Photography: Louis Palos Photography

Fourth Photo Board:

Photography: True Photography

Inspiration is Everywhere…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

A Look at our not-so-traditional wedding “cakes”!


Non-traditional weddings have never been more chic. Short dresses, vintage décor, and of course the modern wedding cake, or lack thereof, have quickly become the standard for brides everywhere. Whether you have a fascination with buttons, a love for outlandish design or a favorite childhood character, the Sweet Cheeks design team can bring your ideas to life. We absolutely adore the creativity and individuality that all of our couples bring to us.



The gals at Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. have devised, designed and created some of the most elaborate cakes in SoCal, but it doesn’t stop there. Many couples have decided to ditch the cake completely. Cupcakes and mini-dessert bars have become the preferred alternative, allowing our couples to be innovative with not only elements such as design and décor but also with how they showcase their fabulous desserts. Companies like Enticing Tables, specialize in enhancing your dessert display with cupcake towers, dessert towers, and much, much more.

Inspiration is everywhere! We challange you to look all around to find what truely inspires YOU! Whether it’s vintage, blue, borrowed or brand new… we can help bring it to life for your next special event!

Many thanks to the wonderful and talented people who that make these beautiful weddings possible!

(From top to bottom)

Photographs: Elaine Ardizzone

Venue: Rancho Valencia


Photographs: ABM Wedding Photography

Venue: Estancia

Florist: Kathy Wright


Photographs: True Photography

Venue: Mission Beach Women’s Club

“CHOOSE LIFE” at an All-Pink Party for the Scriveners!

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Blessed are we for having such amazingly fun industry friends!

Julie & Mick Scrivener celebrated their 10-year Wedding Anniversary with a VOW RENEWAL to “CHOOSE LIFE,” as the all-pink 80’s tees read, at the Culy Warehouse in Downtown San Diego. What a blast!
As owners of the famed Elite British DJ and coordinating company The Best Wedding For You, these two have built a great following in both clients & friends to last a lifetime of photos, but here are a few to enjoy from this special night.

We danced the night away with many pink-laden friends, most of whom were carefully hidden from photographic view by sheer luck…(wink-wink-nudge-nudge, Liz and Kevin….)

Mick’s surprise “Cat in the Toilet Bowl” cake to Julie was a red velvet hit at the party! Apparently a nod to their loveable kitties at home who believe that water bowls are a thing of the past. So glad we could add some humor to their already joyous occasion.  Welcome the white chocolate PORTMAN, the PINK KITTY.

Hope the African safari is treating you well, Newly-reweds!
Thanks for sharing such a fabulously fun party!
Photos by Eddie & Kellye Bojorquez at Studio 512.
Set up & party help by Melissa McClure and Regina O’Calahan of Aquilone Events.
Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co…uh, duh.

SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM…Updates with a Sword

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

TRUE Photography, Gavin & SPAM

Victoria surely surprised her new groom Gavin at their wedding with their now famous SPAM cake! What a riot they are! We were so thrilled to make this cake for them that we dove into it with abandon and gave them a screaming deal. So many people have seen our initial post with the photos but thought it was just photos of SPAM cans, so we decided we needed to blog it briefly with the real shots we now have of this beautiful couple and their (2) cakes from our talented friends at TRUE Photography! Thanks to Gavin for using his sword to cut the Vanilla Sour Cream Cake with Slow-Cooked Chocolate Fudge, he made it all too much fun.


TRUE Photography, SPAM sliced

The happy couple and their elegant wedding cake:

Their main Wedding Cake

Letter from the Bride:
We received our wedding photographs and I just wanted to send a few your way! Gavin was so surprised with his Spam Cake and let me tell you, it is REALLY hard to surprise a Marine haha
Everyone loved it and it was one of the highlights of our wedding 🙂 Well it was probably THE highlight of the wedding, but I would like to think my walk down the aisle was haha
Thank you again for everything! And we have decided each anniversary we are having one of your Spam Cakes! So I hope it wasn’t too much trouble,