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Donating deliciousness…

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013


Recently, we helped with a small donation to an important fundraiser benefitting Casa de Amparo – An organization that assists neglected and mistreated children.  The kids in the organization are all kids who need a little extra attention in their lives, and we greatly appreciate our friend (and former Weddings of Distinction member) Tiffany Arnaldo for organizing a super special day/fundraiser called the “Day of Beauty.”
The intent of the day was for all the kids to feel pampered, to feel as though there were at a spa!  The day was not just about providing the kids with beauty products but more so about making them feel special.  There were thirteen boys and girls, ranging in age from 9-18.
Thanks to generous donations from local businesses in San Diego, this day was a rousing success.  Over $800 was raised, and ll the boys and girls received amazing gift bags with personalized hair and skin care items and well as providing the home with a flat iron, curling rod, blow dryer and hair trimmer (for the young men).
We at Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. donated various cookie platters to keeps the kids’ bellies full, and while it seemed small to us, the kids were so happy.  That makes our job: happiness!


Local San Diego Businesses Involved:
Jarrod Harm, Owner of Detour Salon: Donated a Stylist, Jo, as well as hair care products & friendship bracelets
Clarissa Champlain, Hair Stylist Extraordinaire
Leah Nelson, Mary Kay Sales Director: Makeup products & more
Karen Lee, Makeup Artist
Lois Mathews Design: Bouquets of Sunflowers
Pride Socks: Retro knee socks


If you would like to give to Casa de Amparo, please visit:


RIVERWALK GOLF, Great Place for San Diego Events!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Riverwalk logo sugar cookies

Mini gingerbread cupcakes on rhinestone display

Finding great outdoor events spaces in San Diego seems simple, but it can be challenging. What a treat to find a great spot like Riverwalk Golf Course, which showcases not only the lush, pastoral calm from the rolling greens but also offers its central location for easy access, nearby hotel rooms for guests, lots of parking, protection from hot sun & rain, and of course great vendors!

Riverwalk hosted their season’s Special Events gathering for wedding & corporate clients and invited Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. to become their current cake & dessert provider…we feel flattered and thrilled to be chosen as their neighborhood bakery!

Riverwalk cozy sweetheart table

All photos shot by Unveiled Wedding Photography