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Outdoor Weddings: Tip #4

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

NO-NO’S in the summer heat:  *3-piece suits, *hot metal seats, and *(Yeeeouch!) short dresses!

Continued thoughts on a hot, sunny day… This is really a tip for both the hosts AND the guests.

We all have that infamous friend (or girlfriend of friend) who wears the inappropriately short dress (OK, guest, here is the tip I meant for you…don’t ever try to out-sexy the bride, even if the “bride” is a 185-lb male).

Hosts should plan to provide non-metal seats for an outdoor ceremony. They won’t burn people’s thighs if they choose to wear the dangerously short style dress or short pants… well, maybe this guest deserves a hot, metal seat for having worn this to your wedding…

Maybe something like this will protect both your legs and your relationship with other females there… still sexy and yet not asking for a fight. LOL!

Be considerate if suggesting the style of dress for your party – whether you’re requesting guests don the “all black clothing” for the Goth approach or even requiring “FORMAL ATTIRE” for men.

Just think about how hot a full suit and even a tie is on a hot day in August!

How gorgeous are THESE looks for men???  No one will complain that they didn’t wear a tux… Yeowzers!!

Shot at Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay

My own husband was adamant about wearing a tux, and he suffered briefly, but that’s just the stubborn, classic New Yorker in him.  xoxoxoxo


Outdoor Weddings: Tip #3 (and more!)

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Photo borrowed from blog

:: GOOD IDEA:  sunglasses for guests if the ceremony is in bright sun

Probably no couple prays for rain on their wedding day, but bright sun can create just as many issues… Thankfully there are lots of great, stylish ways to keep your guests comfortable and your photos fabulous.
:: sunscreen in baskets as guests enter the ceremony site or reception area (look for zinc oxide & titanium dioxide)

Your photographer will be happily editing a LOT of sunburn photos and costing you a lot more money later…

Sunglasses are critical, but the result without sunscreen can look awful…


CUTE IDEA!  Personalized Water Bottles upon entry to ceremony – so many online sites sell these.
:: chilled bottles of water or pour spouts with ice-cold fruited water or sangria and non-alcoholic refreshers.



Outdoor Weddings: Tips to Remember, #2

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014
Thanks to Cake Wrecks for this beauty! (again, thankfully not ours)

Thanks to Cake Wrecks for this beauty! (again, thankfully not ours)

The wedding planner’s latest stress of the event:  “Oh NO, the cake is melting!  Quick, cut it now for photos, even if the guests won’t get to see it!!”

Are you planning a summer wedding or outdoor event?
Would you make your Grandma sit in the heat for 2 hours without protection?
Have you thought about how to protect your guests, your food, your flowers, your makeup?
Follow us on our Tips to Remember as you plan your special day.

This week’s Tip #2 – Cakes are People Too!

MELTED cake…what a mess!  Whether you’re serving mini desserts or a tiered (wedding or other) cake, unless you order an all-fake cake, these items are PERISHABLE and need protection.

Discuss cake with your wedding professionals:

1. Here’s how to know how long a Real Butter Cream cake (or WORSE, cupcakes frosted in cream cheese) will last in direct sun:  put a stick of butter outside on a plate in approximately the same location that you plan to display your cake….Check back with it in 2 hours and see how it looks.

2.  “But we aren’t cutting the cake until 9pm…”  (the average sunset time in peak wedding season is 7:25pm; the average time guests arrive to receptions is between 5:30-6:00pm; the cake company may need some setup time prior to guest arrival). Do you want your cake being setup during dinner?

3. We won’t need a tent; it never rains in San Diego in the summer…(famous last words).

It's ok for the molten chocolate gang to melt...

It’s ok for the molten chocolate gang to melt…

Air conditioning is cake’s best friend in the summer months. Most venues are not comfortable with storing a cake in their walk-in refrigerator and taking it out to display themselves – too much at risk if they drop it! We find that the fast-paced staff in some restaurant locations will grab a 2-3 tier cake and whisk it away for refrigeration without incident. (in San Diego, we applaud The Bluewater Boathouse for their agility & comfort with this!) .  On the contrary, most caterers or venues will not offer this option. Our most helpful hotel property who is willing to keep a 3-tier cake in the fridge on a hot day is the elite ocean view hotel L’Auberge Del Mar…thanks Catering team!  This helps us and the clients on a sweltering evening when needed.

No cake designer wants to see an unknown caller on their cell phone at 8pm…worried that the dreaded disaster may have struck: a cake has melted or fallen over due to the heat!

photo borrowed from Events North blog...thankfully NOT one of our cakes.

photo borrowed from Events North blog…thankfully NOT one of our cakes or even theirs.

This is THE WORST news to hear, especially when the venue is too far away for us to make any reparations.

At Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. we require clients to provide indoor shelter, shade, or solid roof tent (YES, that clear tent is WAY COOL…and totally acts as a steam room on a hot day), or we require a signed waiver to offset the potential hazards.  With up to 15 cakes on a Saturday, we just couldn’t logistically run around town scooping up melted butter rivers from the cake table floor and fixing cakes during receptions.

Think about it: would you ever consider leaving out your tuna fish salad for 5 hours at a picnic?

Outdoor weddings are stunningly beautiful, but BE SMART when planning, and listen to the pros you’ve hired.

Future Summer Wedding Tips:
Sunburned skin
Wilted flowers
Blown out photo exposures
Smeared eyeliner
Sweat stains! Yikes!

Outdoor Weddings: Tips to Remember – Tip #1

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
Sunny San Diego Summers are

Sunny San Diego Summers are dreamy…

Ahh, we all LOVE our beach and our beautiful SUNSHINE here in San Diego!  Newscasters have it easy here, temps average 70-80 degrees with little chance of rain or otherwise.

However… there we were, again in mid-September, with OVER 100-DEGREES hitting the thermostats inside and out, causing harm to our favorite delectable condiment:  BUTTER CREAM!  But wait, the cake is only one of your worries… What about the GUESTS?  The guys wearing JACKETS???  Yikes. Get that guy a beverage fast!

I don't know about you, but these look REFRESHING!

I don’t know about you, but these look REFRESHING!


We’ll start a list of tips to help while planning your SUMMERTIME parties… remember these things if you opt to get married in a potentially HOT venue without excellent shade or air conditioning:

Tip #1 – First & foremost:  Your Guests.  Provide the following to show that you care about them:

:: CHAIRS: even if you’re on a BEACH, if you have ELDERLY or DISABLED GUESTS, please bring folding chairs at least for these guests (it’s tough enough that they just required assistance to noodle down the beach with their walker)..

:: Large hand-pump SUNSCREEN bottles (or minis handed to each guest upon arrival).  Photographers will thank you too – think of the money you’ll save if they don’t have to Photoshop out all of the 1/2-faced sunburns!  Thanks for this tip from our Beach Wedding Photography Expert, Lisa G at Elle G Photography!

:: PARASOLS to protect your fair-skinned friends from sunburn during your beautifully sun-blazing ceremony (and they’re a beautiful way to add to your party’s style)

:: Personalized WATER bottles (FUN!!!… and life saving).  Tons of companies online sell custom label bottles with your monogram, photo, or “Thank You for Joining Us!” note . Yes, provide one for your officiant too.

:: Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Beverages at the Outdoor Ceremony – Inspired by our dear friend Carmin Cermak of Carmin Design, who makes a mean N/A SANGRIA loaded with sliced fresh fruits, sparkling water, & a touch of juice!  A delicious conversation starter at the punch table (keep it covered to avoid bees).  You can add the Tequila later… 😉


…More to come in our next post about Summertime Weddings & Events…

Ultimate Weddings: Styled Photo Shoot at Loew’s Coronado

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Fabulously fun ruffle cake in Black & White with touches of blush sugar flowers

Fabulously fun ruffle cake in Black & White with touches of blush sugar flowers

We get asked regularly to provide amazing cakes for photo shoots (which is very flattering but impossible to keep up with), but Holy Cannoli, this is one gorgeous photo shoot we did at Loew’s Coronado Bay Resort!  Glad we said yes!  😉

Quite a spectacular team of Wedding Professionals, led by Suher Haidar & Michelle Cerundolo of Saavy Soiree LLC, who coordinated it all, and Kyla Akasha, photographer at Spotlight Photo Studios.

If you’re looking for some KILLER DETAILS of black & white weddings, ruffle cakes, or if you just love BLUSH, it’ll be well worth a peek at the stunning video that Michael at Focused Bliss Productions put together – totally cool that he was not only producing the video but STARRING in it as the groom!…pretty sweet….